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  • I have currently retired from RJ Reynolds after 34 years of service. I started Ray Publishing Web Design in 2000 and would like to say THANK YOU to our Friends and Local & National American Businesses over our 15 years of service and for choosing us and choosing local businesses in the Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point). It's been a good to serve you for most of your needs for your smart phone and website development and advertising. We still will offer most of our services. Ray Publishing Interactive designed all kinds of Websites, Smart Phone Apps, and we also set-up and promoted online advertisements and post to Facebook, Twitter, and local Radio stations. We will still offer you or your business free advertising for non-profit and other advertising on Ray Publishing & Facebook websites. Just contact us for any of your advertising needs on our Contact Us Webpage.  We will continue to offer most of  the following services through Ray Publishing Interactive Media and on our Facebook and What's Happening Websites!

Freelance Services

  • We will still offer Photography Services @ Ray Publishing and with our sister company Country Bliss Photography for special events like Actor profile head and body shots,  weddings, reunions, magazine or newsletter photo covers, motorcycle benefit rides (Ask about GoPro Video Service), fun runs, fundraisers etc.

  • Every site we build is designed visually to suit the individual customer's needs, goals and tastes.

  • Ray Publishing is a small and efficient firm. Our overhead is minimal, and we are able to pass those savings along to our clients. However, there are projects that warrant a larger team than the core of Ray Publishing Interactive Web design. In these situations, we call on our partners... illustrators, designers, programmers, marketing experts, photographers and writers, to build the team that can best serve our clients needs.

  • Service charges are based on individual needs.  And prices start at $50 for Ad on our website and $300 for website. Weather its for your personal website, business, reunion, fundraising or other faith based businesses in the Piedmont Triad Area, as well as other Non-Profit Organizations.

  • * Students under 14 are prohibited to have a website.  Students 16-21 must have their parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before we can design or help design their website or advertisement.  Ray Publishing is not responsible for any actions for falsified or misleading information. Revised updated 11-12-2012.

  • We ask that please take time to make a difference and give to those in need.  Click here to see some of the organizations we support.

  • What more information about Ray Publishing website design or other services we provide Click here!

  • Need More Info?  E-mail us at webmaster@raypublishing.org

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